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Why Choose Dual Credit at Home?

Dual Credit at Home’s written Study Plans eliminate the guesswork of earning dual credit because they tell you which exams to take and how to prepare for them.

When your student receives and follows the 49 weekly Study Plans, they will be guided effortlessly through the process!

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars extra on college!

You experience huge savings in the cost of college when your student transfers credits they have earned into their chosen college or university.

You want to save your student the time-wasting experience of repeating in college what they’ve just done in high school!

Let your students do their college basics in high school – and get both high school and college credit!

When your family invests in the Study Plans, you may use them for all students in your immediate family!

Because the Study Plans cover the core subjects, they are ideal for reuse with each new high school student in the same family!

See what real people have to say about Dual Credit at Home.

We are committed to helping your student earn both high school and college credit by completing college-level core subjects during high school.

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