What is Dual Credit at Home?

Dual Credit at Home is a program of 49 weekly Study Plans that allow students to earn many high school and college credits by completing their core subjects and passing an accredited college-level exam (CLEP and DSST) to prove their knowledge of the subject.

About Dual Credit at Home

These study plans will guide your student through 13 college-level exams to satisfy both high school and college core requirements. These exams give students the opportunity to earn up to 51 college credits!

Many home schooled students already plan to continue “home schooling” all the way to their college graduations. Dual Credit at Home provides the support and guidance that students need to continue in that process.

To help your student prepare for each exam, we deliver 49 weeks worth of study plans – one week at a time – directly to your inbox! These weekly test preparation assignments help your student feel confident and equipped to pass each exam with flying colors.

But that’s not all! We include “Extra Mile Assignments” in our weekly emails! These optional assignments provide opportunities for students to balance their academic studies with assignments like . . .

  • Following blogs of their choice
  • Extra-curricular reading
  • Keeping up with current world events
  • Learning and practicing geography skills
  • One weekly essay assignment to build their writing confidence

These optional assignments help teens develop the areas of their life that are outside of academics.

This program isn’t just for those who want to complete college. It can also be used to give students structure and provide them with a quality, well-rounded high school education – with the added bonus of college credit.

Download a Sample Study Plan

What Our Students Say

Several of the on-campus classes I took as part of my BSN were easier because I had used the Dual Credit at Home program during high school. Since I was already familiar with the course content, I was able to focus on my nursing courses.

Testimonial Melanie
Former Dual Credit at Home Student