Prayers for Your Children Printable

Years ago, when Becky had several young children, she picked up a card at a homeschool convention that had some scriptures on it to help her as a mom be consistent in praying for her kiddos. She had no idea at the time how 29 years later she’d still be using that card! It’s been in her purse, on her nightstand, on her quiet table, and in her Bible.

About this Resource

Over time as her kids grew and became teens and now adults, her prayers have naturally changed. She found herself adding to the prayer list as she discovered new verses that were exactly what she needed as a parent of teens.

This prompted Becky to create a new prayer card! Because we talk to so many parents of teens, we wanted to make it available to each of you as well. Our hope is that your fervent prayers for your child will strengthen not only their relationship with Jesus, but your relationship with them as well.

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How to Pray for Your Children