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Here are some great resources for your journey through high school at home! These materials can be used by any home schooling parent in their pursuit of excellence in education.

The following resources are free for you to download!

College and High School at the Same Time E-Book

The Dual Credit Secret: How Dual Credit at Home can Help Your Teen Earn an Accredited Bachelor’s Degree during High School

Ready to learn how Dual Credit at Home can help your family? Download our free dual credit e-book to learn how your family can save years of time and thousands of dollars on college expenses. Your teen can earn an accredited bachelor’s degree during high school for less than $10,000!

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Four Year High School Plan Template

As you continue homeschooling through the high school years, it’s important to keep meticulous records documenting your teen’s progress. This four-year high school plan is the perfect document for keeping track of classes, college-level exams, and credits for all four years of high school.
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Sample Study Plan

Are you curious to know how a Dual Credit at Home student spends his time? This sample study plan will take you through a day in the life of a Dual Credit at Home student, complete with assignments for two core subjects, study tips, and practice tests.
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How to Complete a High School Transcript
A high school transcript is a written record of your student’s high school courses, grades, and credits earned. Creating a transcript can be daunting, but not with Dual Credit at Home’s free how-to guide and template!
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How to Pray for Your Children Printable
How to Pray for Your Children Printable
Years ago, when Becky had several young children, she picked up a card at a homeschool convention that had some scriptures on it to help her as a mom be consistent in praying for her kiddos. She had no idea at the time how 29 years later she’d still be using that card!
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What Parents Say

Having 2 students participating in Dual Credit at Home for their high school work has been a blessing and a gift. Both are motivated by the daily check-lists and are pushed by their own progress. We are just crazy in love with our Dual Credit at Home! My kids are excelling and academically flourishing before my eyes. It works beautifully for us!

Testimonial Rhonda
Parent of Two Dual Credit at Home Students