Homeschooling High School Link Round-Up – March 22

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Homeschooling High School

Spring Break With Teenagers….What’s a Mom To Do?
It’s time for SPRING BREAK! You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a fun time as a family. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your teen’s spring break.

How Can Parents Encourage Kids to Own Their Faith as They Grow Up?
“The goal of the [Lifeway Research] project was to discover what parenting practices were common in the families where young adults remained in the faith. What affected their moral and spiritual development? What factors stood out?”

How I Lost (and Regained) My Parents’ Trust
Parents, this is a great article to share with your teens. These three practical steps can help repair trust when it is broken.

Easter activities for teens
Easter is just over a week away and these fun activities can help your family remember the reason behind the holiday, and make new family memories.

This Week’s Free Workshop: 8 Steps for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree during High School
Attend this week’s online workshop and discover how your family can save thousands of dollars and years of time in college, too! Becky will show you how her kids do it—and get your family started on the same incredible adventure.

Becky Muldrow & the Dual Credit at Home Team
Becky Muldrow & the Dual Credit at Home Team

I'm Becky Muldrow, wife to my high school sweetheart, Gene, and mom to 10 great kids! I love spending my days homeschooling the last 4 of them and sharing (on my website and at homeschool conferences) how we do high school differently - by replacing it with college.