My Week at Worldview Academy

Hi, friends!

Two weeks ago, I spent Sunday through Friday at a camp called Worldview Academy. This unique camp experience gives teens the tools and training to be able to effectively share the Christian worldview with others.

Class Hacked - World View Academy

In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience at this camp and share with you a few key takeaways that really impacted my approach to evangelism.

The reason I chose to attend Worldview Academy was because I really wanted to learn more about how to share my faith/worldview with my peers and adults in a compelling, logical manner. Previously, I have had a lot of training in and experience with sharing the Gospel with children, so I was excited to learn how to better communicate to an older audience!

At camp, we heard from several different speakers including Bill Jack and Paul Jordan, and also learned from one of the founders of Worldview Academy, Randy Sims. The lectures included topics such as “Seven Sweet Lies You Already Believe,” “Creation vs. Evolution” and “The Media’s False Authority.”

Class Hacked - World View Academy

My favorite lecture of the week was “How to Study the Wiseman’s Book”. In this lecture, the speaker gave great tips on how to have an effective quiet time. I was reminded that having quality time with the Lord is the foundation and “fuel” to communicating His truth with people!

(OK, “real” moment here. Can I just say that this camp’s food was stinking fabulous?! I would literally go back just for the food. God bless those cooks. Alright, that’s all. *Reassumes mature persona*)

In addition to the lectures, we had a lot of opportunities to spend time in small group discussions. There were about six or seven different small groups which were divided according to age and gender. There were twelve other girls and a counselor in my small group, and I was so impressed by their sweet spirits and enthusiasm for Jesus Christ!

On Wednesday, we got to put the rubber to the road. All of the 120 teens and staff members loaded into two school buses, and drove to Austin, Texas. Once we arrived, we were divided up into evangelism teams and “let loose” on the streets of Austin to share our worldview (the Gospel) with others.

As we walked along the streets, we approached a passerby using a simple technique we learned that week at camp. We would ask this brief question to get a conversation started: “What do you think is wrong with the world?” Then, after the person answered, we would follow up with another question: “What would your solution to this problem be?” We would then ask them four more questions that were structured in a way to gently lead them to realize that Jesus is the true solution. This experience was so awesome. I can’t wait to use this conversation technique again to reach people for Christ!

I am so thankful that I was able to attend the Worldview Academy camp. Each lecture and small group session made such an impact on my life! I am also super glad that I was able to meet and form meaningful relationships with the girls and counselor in my small group.

I would encourage every teen to attend Worldview Academy. It will challenge you, motivate you and give you the tools you need to learn how to more effectively share your Christian worldview with others!


My name is Julie, and I'm sharing my Dual Credit at Home journey with you! I’m 17 years old, and I’m the seventh child in my family of 10. I’ve always been home schooled, and my schooling has included high school subjects (usually followed by the corresponding college-level exam) along with some classes at the junior college. I'll be graduating in May, 2016 from high school at home along with receiving my bachelor's degree with a history major from Charter Oak State College (as long as I study hard!)