Reviews of Dual Credit at Home

Learn what families have to say about our program.

Press & Reviews of Dual Credit at Home:

“She’ll be taking her SIXTH test next Friday, and I am VERY pleased with your program.” Tammy B., KY

“This program is totally laid out and organized for you! Now I am an organizer and planner extraordinaire, but it takes me an extensive amount of time to plan out each year. Dual Credit does it all for you with easy to follow plans that your student can do without your assistance. That means more free time for Mom!” Heidi Ciravola, NY

“The price is a bargain in comparison to the price of college classes. A three credit course at our local college cost about the same as this entire program!” Amy Landisman, CT

“Thank you so much for making this system available to us. We are a financially-struggling homeschool family of 6, and you just created the possibility of a college education for all of our children by sharing this idea with us! I thought all of them would just have to get into massive amounts of debt right off the bat in order to pay their own way through college; now we can actually get them through debt free! What a blessing you have been to me and my family.” Deborah M., MO

“Thank you for putting together the DCAH program! My oldest son has been taking college classes at our local community college but wanted to speed things up a bit. He was able to pass Analyzing & Interpreting Literature, American History 1 & American History 2, using the DCAH schedules, so far. He’s very close to completing his Associate degree and would like to pass a couple more CLEP tests for his electives so he can get done a little faster. ” Renee L.

“The program was well organized, detailed and super easy to use. Everything was laid out clearly in the study plan. This busy home school mom did not have to do any teaching at all, but my child was learning by leaps and bounds . . . Sticking to the plan led to success. Simply put, it works!” Sade Tagbo, MO

“Just this last week, he took all three practice tests and aced them, making a 91%, 93% and 98%, respectively. He hasn’t taken the official CLEP test, but we will be scheduling it ASAP. The.Boy.Is.Motivated. And I hear the angels singing!” Alisha Gratehouse, GA

“What I loved most about Dual Credit at Home was that we could take as long as we needed to complete the study plan and schedule the exam. Even though the plans are laid out week-by-week, it’s very easy to adjust them to your child’s preferred pace. My son took 9 weeks to complete a 5 week study plan and it didn’t effect the program or exam in any way.” Adrienne Bolton, FL

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“My daughter passed her first CLEP exam with the great study plans from Dual Credit at Home. We are so proud of her and she is more motivated to keep studying since her big day of passing the exam! We are so thankful for this program. For years, my daughter has struggled with being bored so we pulled her from the controlled school setting and began homeschooling her. It’s been the greatest decision ever. My daughter, now age 12, is finally enjoying learning again, especially since we’ve added dual credit! She is now learning on the advanced level that her brain has been craving! She looks forward to racking up those college credits!” Krystle L.