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How does Dual Credit at Home Work?

Dual Credit at Home gives high schoolers the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits at the same time! Our daily Study Plans guide students in taking exams for college credit. Who knew that getting a head start on a college degree could be so easy?


Your Teen Can Earn a College Degree in High School! Start Here!


How to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree during High School


How to Compile an Impressive High School Transcript

What Dual Credit at Home Families Say

  • The price is a bargain in comparison to the price of college classes. A three credit course at our local college cost about the same as this entire program!

    Amy L.
  • The program was well organized, detailed and super easy to use. Everything was laid out clearly in the study plan. This busy home school mom did not have to do any teaching at all, but my child was learning by leaps and bounds . . . Sticking to the plan led to success. Simply put, it works!

    Sade T.
  • Our oldest (a junior) hasn’t enjoyed school even though we’ve always homeschooled. This year with Dual Credit at Home he is doing better with his studies and is excelling in school.  I’m so proud of the man he is becoming.  As the oldest of 9, he is leading the way and setting a great example for the younger ones to follow. His diligence and persistence is paying off.

    Vicki M.
  • For years, my daughter has struggled with being bored so we pulled her from the controlled school setting and began homeschooling her. It’s been the greatest decision ever. My daughter, now age 12, is finally enjoying learning again, especially since we’ve added dual credit! She is now learning on the advanced level that her brain has been craving! She looks forward to racking up those college credits!

    Krystle L.