The Dual Credit Secret

Learn how your teen can earn an accredited bachelor degree during high school!

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What You'll Learn from The Dual Credit Secret

  • 1

    The Terms You Need to Know about Dual Credit

    First things first, we'll explain some key terms that you need to know including dual credit, CLEP, DSST, general education requirements, and much more.

  • 2

    Our Family's Story

    Learn what started our family on our dual credit journey. Since then, Becky has shared with thousands of parents how they can use this same approach to help their students complete their degrees and not take on student loan debt.

  • 3

    How Our Dual Credit at Home Study Plans Work

    The center of the Dual Credit at Home program is 49 weeks of Study Plans that guide students each day in studying and practicing for college-level exams.

  • 4

    CLEP and DSST Testing Explained

    Read how to find your local testing center, how to prepare for test day, and what to expect when you go to a testing center.