3 Reasons Why Every Teenager Should Have a Budget

This topic hits close to home for me. I am definitely not a poster child for Dave Ramsey–I’m more like his arch-nemesis! (I’ve always wanted to be the poster child for something, but I think that being an arch-nemesis is WAY cooler!)

I wish I could say that I’m writing this post from the wonderful experience of having kept to a great budget. However, I have to admit that I’m writing to tell you that I’ve failed in this area, and here are three reasons why I’ve realized that I (and every teenager out there) should create and stick to a budget.

3 Reasons Why Every Teenager Should Have a Budget

Having a budget makes you keep track of where your money goes

Even if you are as extremely smart and self disciplined as myself (sarcasm included), if you don’t have a budget, then you will probably get a little carried away with your spending. This is especially true if you have a debit card!

Here’s my experience: I have had the opportunity over the years to earn money by auctioning off quilts and crafty projects that I’ve made. But, since I didn’t also have a budget, and did have a debit card that regularly tempted me, I ended up spending not all, but most of the money I earned.

Now, I’m not saying that I regret all of my purchases or adventures! I am very glad that I bought my puppydog Maximus, and I’m glad that I went to Jamaica and Mexico. However, I could have done all of that and still had money left over for a car, if I had utilized a budget.

“Wow, how could that be?”, you ask. I’m being completely serious! It’s the little things that ate at my money. (For me, that would include various types of pizza–OK, a lot of pizza–and shoes.)

Keeping to a budget makes you a wise steward of God’s money

A budget isn’t just a set of rules that you (or someone else) puts in place for you. It is an extremely useful tool for planning out exactly what you are going to with all of the money that God has blessed you with!

God wants us to be wise with our finances, just as we are to be wise with every other area of our lives.

Having and keeping to a budget will make you a more responsible individual

Sticking with a budget is not an easy task! Grown-up life is hard, and requires a lot of diligence. What better way could we prepare ourselves for future financial success, than by practicing wisdom and frugality by budgeting our money?

Looking back over my young life, I would definitely say that not having created and kept to a budget is one of my biggest regrets. However, I am so thankful for the opportunity that being enrolled in the Dual Credit at Home program has given me to make significant progress on my college degree–and I’m 100% debt free!

I hope that this post has convinced you to take charge of your money and, in doing so, save your money! As for me, I’m going to get started on my budget right away! (Sigh…I guess that pizza will have to wait!)


My name is Julie, and I'm sharing my Dual Credit at Home journey with you! I’m 17 years old, and I’m the seventh child in my family of 10. I’ve always been home schooled, and my schooling has included high school subjects (usually followed by the corresponding college-level exam) along with some classes at the junior college. I'll be graduating in May, 2016 from high school at home along with receiving my bachelor's degree with a history major from Charter Oak State College (as long as I study hard!)