The Ultimate List of Staycation Ideas for Homeschooling Families with Teens

A staycation is an excellent solution for having family fun on a budget. You don’t need an exotic destination to have fun as a homeschool family. You can have an amazing time together while staying within your local area or even without leaving your own home.

Coming up with staycation ideas for teens may seem challenging at first, but these local and home activities can help you have fun, avoid the stress of travel, and give your teens an adventure they won’t forget this summer!

The Ultimate List of Staycation Ideas for Homeschooling Families with Teens

Backyard Staycation Ideas

Organize a pool party complete with beach balls and colorful beach towels.

Host a mini-barbecue with grilled hot dogs.

Plan a fun game of flag football using a giant whiteboard as a scoreboard.

Use a clear evening as an opportunity for stargazing with a telescope or the naked eye.

Inflate a backyard water slide to create a miniature water park for a day.

Create an obstacle course using tires or rope climbing gear.

Mount a volleyball net and divide into teams for all-day fun.

Set up a horizontal limbo bar and play a nostalgic game everyone can enjoy.

Host a backyard picnic complete with everyone’s favorite finger foods.

Camp out in the backyard with a tent and firepit.

Divide into teams for a local scavenger hunt.

Hang a hammock and take turns for relaxation.

Set up a croquet course.

Create a backyard miniature golf course.

Install a miniature zipline kit.

Paint a mural on your back fence.

Set up an inflatable outdoor movie screen for viewing fun.

Use giant blocks to play outdoor jenga.

Set up an inflatable Twister mat for outdoor fun.

Fly kites.

Host a track race for sprinting.

Have a backyard soccer day.

Play with squirt guns for a day.

Have a water balloon fight.

Kitchen Staycation Ideas

Line up your favorite dessert toppings for an ice cream sundae party.

Host a “make your own omelets” night with all the fixings.

Schedule a “Taco Tuesday” party with all the trimmings.

Plan a fun evening making pizza from scratch with your favorite toppings.

Gather friends for ceramics or pottery making.

Organize a neighborhood potluck.

Host a vintage milkshake party.

Plan a literature-themed recipe night featuring food from favorite books.

Have a gardening party and work on potted plants for the kitchen window.

Host a craft day and make wind chimes for the kitchen window.

Bake cookies.

Make a cookbook.

Have a fun snack bar with 5-10 different dips to try.

Use a waffle maker and choose your own toppings.

Bake cakes for a cakewalk.

Plan a fun bake sale.

Prep s’mores for a staycation bonfire.

Prepare food and have an indoor picnic.

Make decaf drinks and host a cafe day.

Heat hot chocolate for a fireside party.

Throw a lemonade party.

Host an appetizer party.

Have a smoothie making day with your favorite ingredients.

Bake movie theme cupcakes.

Make different flavors of popcorn and have a two-day “film festival” on a specific theme or genre

Den or Basement Staycation Ideas

Host a pool table tournament.

Start a Monopoly game.

Host a karaoke night featuring everyone’s favorite songs.

Pull out exercise mats and host a fitness day.

Host a book club day and read a new book aloud.

Test your creative skills by hosting a charades party.

Use a wii or similar machine to host a fishing or golfing competition.

Go indoor camping using a tent or sleeping bags.

Film a home video to upload to Facebook or YouTube.

Host a table tennis tournament.

Pull out instruments and compose music together.

Pick your favorite films for a blockbuster movie screening.

Sponsor a vintage dress up “photoshoot”.

Host a talent show.

Perform a dramatic play.

Paint portraits of each other.

Host a makeup party.

Write letters to people in the military.

Build a lemonade stand for younger siblings.

Work on a giant puzzle.

Host a hangman tournament using a giant whiteboard.

Throw a sculpting party using modeling clay.

Local Outing Staycation Ideas

Plan a spa day with friends for a facial or manicure.

Treat everyone in the family to an outlet mall $25 dollar spending spree.

Expand your cultural horizons by trying a new restaurant featuring food from a different country.

Visit the local aquarium.

Spend time at your neighborhood animal shelter.

Visit the local library for weekend age-group activities.

Attend a minor league sporting event for spectator fun.

Go bowling at the local alley for fun memories.

Visit the local farmer’s market to support local growers and craftsmen.

Go hiking on a local walking trail for great exercise.

Take a trip to the local theater or playhouse and see a show.

Help an elderly person in your life with landscaping their flower beds.

Dust off the family bicycles and go riding on local bike lanes.

Visit a tennis court and spend the day working on your serve.

Spend the day fishing at the lake.

Surprise your teen with donuts in bed.

Join a local geocaching organization to participate in real scavenger hunts using the GPS on your phone.

Go fruit picking at the local orchard for a seasonal treat.

Spend the afternoon volunteering as a family.

Attend a local concert.

Go bird watching.

Visit a small, local amusement park.

Tour the neighborhood firefighter station.

Take everyone out for a scenic drive.

Attend a book signing at the local bookstore.

Becky Muldrow & the Dual Credit at Home Team
Becky Muldrow & the Dual Credit at Home Team

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