You made it! Whether you’re relatively new to homeschooling, an old pro whose kids never attended a brick-n-mortar school, or somewhere in between, you are about to accomplish a major feat: Graduating your child from high school. Bravo, and congratulations to both of you!

But now what?

Make Your Homeschool Graduation Special

While your teen has undoubtedly worked as hard as any other student, an official graduation and accompanying accoutrements don’t come automatically to homeschool students. But fear not, here are ten ideas to make this time special for your student.

1. Order the proper graduation gear. Purchase a gown and cap, complete with tassel. You can find them in virtually any color from online vendors.

2. Gift your graduate a class ring. Customize with your school name and your student’s graduating year, birthstone, and favorite activity.

3. Take graduate photos. Hire a professional photographer. Send prints to family, and frame and hang your own prominently in your home.

4. Print an official diploma. Order one online, or use a design program and printing service to create your own.

5. Publish a graduation announcement in your local newspaper. Buy several copies. Clip out the announcement and send a few to family, hang one on the fridge, and put another in your child’s baby book or memory box.

6. Tell your friends and family that your teen is graduating high school. Make it clear that this is a big deal. Many homeschool kids don’t get the same recognition, despite working as hard as anyone else.

7. Have a ceremony. Select a venue, plan a ceremony, and mail out invitations. If you’re part of a co-op or have graduating homeschool friends, make it a joint effort.

8. Throw a party. Celebrate! Depending on the size of the party and your budget, you could have it catered, make it a potluck, or cook a family-style dinner.

9. Give your teen a gift. A used car, a family heirloom, a savings bond, or an item relevant to a next step are a few ideas.

10. Take a special Graduate Trip. Plan a day or weekend for your graduate to spend how he or she chooses – a weekend trip to the beach or other mini-vacation locale, or a day trip to a favorite fun spot.

This is one of your teen’s major life accomplishments. Your graduate has worked hard; now it’s time to celebrate!

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