The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) was designed so students of all ages could earn college credits in introductory college-level subjects by proving their mastery of the subject. This means awesome advantages for homeschoolers who are interested in maximizing their high school years by earning college credit using exams.

Five Advantages of taking CLEP Exams

While the CLEP program is sponsored by the College Board, it is up to individual colleges and universities to issue college credits toward a college degree.

Using CLEP exams is a great way to jump-start your college education, and there are a number of benefits to using CLEP exams as part of an overall plan for higher education. Here are five advantages of integrating CLEP exams to help you prepare for college.

Passing CLEP Exams will Save You Time

Most three-credit college courses meet for between 45 and 48 hours over the course of the semester. In addition to the many hours spent in class, students are expected to study two to three additional hours outside of class for every hour spent in the classroom. This amounts to more than 150 hours of coursework to earn three credits in a general education class that you may not even be interested in.

By comparison, studying for and passing a CLEP exam is far less time-consuming. The actual time spent preparing will depend on your study habits and previous knowledge but should take between 25 and 40 hours, total.

Credits Through CLEP Exams will Save You Money

The average cost of a college credit is nearly $600, according to Student Loan Hero. This means a typical three-credit course will set you back at least $1800. CLEP exams cost just $87 per test, and even if you add in study guides or other preparation programs like Dual Credit at Home, the cost is well below-average for college coursework.

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You can Earn College Credits for What You Already Know

CLEP exams are offered in 33 general education subjects, ranging from literature and foreign languages to algebra and chemistry. If you are a high school or homeschool student already studying these subjects, you can take the CLEP exam to earn credits for the material you are already familiar with.

You can Take More Classes in Subjects that Matter to You

Taking CLEP exams for your general education requirements will allow you to spend more time taking classes that are important to you or necessary for your degree concentration.

Study at Your Own Pace

There is no set schedule for your CLEP exam requirements. You choose the test date based on your readiness and can take as long as you need to prepare. Some students will only need a couple of weeks, and others may take several months to study for their exam.

CLEP exams can be easily integrated into a high school or college schedule, providing students with significant savings of time and money. To discover how your student can take advantage of CLEP in high school, attend our free online workshop, 8 Steps for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree during High School.

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