Getting enough sleep is as important as eating, drinking, and breathing. For teenagers, it is more often crucial during that age than at any other time.

During these years, biological sleep patterns shift toward later sleeping and waking times. Because of this, many teens don’t always get an optimal amount of rest.

Why is this important? Here’s why your teen may need more sleep.

Why Your Teen Needs More Sleep

Lack of Sleep Can Limit Your Teen’s Cognitive Function

Poor sleep habits can have a negative effect on your teenager’s cognitive abilities. Your teen will not be able to think clearly without proper sleep. They will also be less productive and less communicative. Lack of sleep also makes them more willing to take shortcuts on assignments.

Students who do get adequate sleep will have an easier time concentrating. They are also able to think more abstractly and creatively and will score higher on tests.

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Lack of Sleep May Cause Anxiety and Depression

Teenagers go through very intense changes that affect their mood and emotions. Sleep deprivation magnifies those issues.

Your teen is experiencing rapid brain development and hormone shifts. Adequate sleep also helps maintain a positive outlook on life.

Proper sleep helps teens regulate their emotions, reduce anxiety, and minimize mood swings.

Many teens don’t even realize how a lack of sleep is affecting their mood until they start sleeping better. After a week of solid sleep patterns, the fog lifts, and teens become much more even-keeled.

Sleep Deprivation Often Leads to Unhealthy Eating and Weight Gain

Overtired teens lack energy and don’t make healthy choices about diet and exercise.

Sleep deprivation will often cause teens to eat more sugar, salty snacks, and fried foods. This can cause poor sleep habits, especially when eating these foods close to bedtime.

A solution for many of these problems is encouraging teens to get between eight and ten hours of sleep each night. Help your teen take advantage of their natural sleep cycle. Make the necessary changes to your homeschooling start time each morning.

Hold your teen accountable about responsible bedtimes. This will make good sleep habits easier to achieve. This will not only help them be disciplined, but will also improve their mental and physical health.

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