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How to Pray for Your Children Printable Prayer Card

How to Pray for Your Children Printable

Years ago, when Becky had several young children, she picked up a card at a homeschool convention that had some scriptures on it to help her as a mom be consistent in praying for her kiddos.

She had no idea at the time how 29 years later she’d still be using that card!

The Dual Credit Secret E-Book

The Dual Credit Secret E-Book

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How to Earn a Bachelor's Degree during High School

Free Online Workshop: How to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree during High School

Attend Becky’s most popular workshop and you’ll receive a thorough introduction to CLEP and credit by exam.

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College Degree Roadmap

The College Degree Roadmap Video Course

This six-module online video course will help you and your teen learn how to earn an accredited associate or bachelor’s degree. You’ll discover incredible resources and tips for accelerating a degree using credit by exam.

Dual Credit at Home Study Plan

Sample Dual Credit at Home Study Plan

Are you curious to know how a Dual Credit at Home student spends his time?

This sample Study Plan will take you through a day in the life of a Dual Credit at Home student, complete with assignments for two core subjects, study tips, and practice tests. We also include a bonus look at our Extra Mile Assignments, too!