3 Ways You Can Invest Your Time This Summer

Now, I know that every homeschooling family does things differently, but a lot of us get to take a break from school in the summer. (Can I hear an amen!)

That’s practically three entire months of non-academic, focused time that we can use to accomplish anything we want to! Do you want to be productive this summer? Do you want to use this time to not only relax, but grow in certain key areas of your life?

Here are three ways you can wisely invest your time this summer.

3 Ways You Can Invest Your Time This Summer

1. Pursue opportunities to grow spiritually.

Volunteer for activities that will enrich your life spiritually. You can get involved in activities like creating a Backyard Bible Club and helping out with Vacation Bible School or Sunday School.

Challenge yourself to memorize a few chapters (or a small book!) of Scripture, and check out good Christian reading material at the library, such as the biographies of prominent Christians.

2. Challenge yourself mentally.

Put time into interests that will develop your mental capacities. Whether you learn a new language, hobby, skill, or hone the ones you already have a grasp on, don’t take the summer as a time to completely vegetate your brain.

Continue to build upon the subjects that you’ve been studying in school. Or, pick a subject and put intensive focus into that project (such as a facet of a subject you have been struggling with, or a project for an educational fair).

3. Push yourself physically.

Summer is a time to relax and recharge, but don’t turn into a couch potato! You have a great opportunity this summer to get in shape.

Whether you’re interested in a sport or another outdoor activity like hiking or gardening, get outside and get active!

Finally, remember to keep yourself accountable to a parent or friend to accomplish your summer goals! I know from experience that every single one of these ideas is 100% more enjoyable if done with friends.

I hope this short list has given you vision for your summer, and shown you that you can accomplish some AMAZING things!


My name is Julie, and I'm sharing my Dual Credit at Home journey with you! I’m 17 years old, and I’m the seventh child in my family of 10. I’ve always been home schooled, and my schooling has included high school subjects (usually followed by the corresponding college-level exam) along with some classes at the junior college. I'll be graduating in May, 2016 from high school at home along with receiving my bachelor's degree with a history major from Charter Oak State College (as long as I study hard!)