Does your homeschooled child find math a breeze? Are you finding it hard to make math challenging and interesting?

In some respects, homeschooling a math genius is easy — they love problem solving and can breeze through assignments.

On the other hand, kids who are gifted in math may become bored or frustrated with work that just isn’t challenging enough. Here are some tips for homeschooling a math genius.

How to Homeschool a Math Genius

Recognize your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Although your child may shine in many areas of mathematical study, don’t overlook potential weaknesses. Some children excel in algebra or mental math, but may need extra help with math that requires spatial skills like geometry.

Find your student a mentor

What do gifted math students love more than studying math? Studying math with someone who loves it as much as they do. Search out the math department at a local university or your local homeschool co-op to find a professor, student, or tutor to share their love of math with your child.

Connect math to other academic disciplines

Math is intricately linked to the world around us. With a little advance planning, you can use your child’s interest in math to help them explore science, art, and history.

Involve your child in the decision-making process

When developing an educational plan for your child, it’s important to consider them a partner. Because your gifted child will be frustrated with work that isn’t challenging or interesting, this becomes even more important.

Let them work at their own pace

By the time your math genius is 12, you may not understand half of what they’re learning. That’s okay. In fact, your student can teach you a thing or two if you’re willing to learn.

Help them earn dual credit in math

Your student can start earning dual credit in math by taking college-level exams such as the CLEP in College Mathematics. Dual Credit at Home includes Study Plans for this exam, which makes it even easier for mom and dad!

Resources for Recreational Math

If your students sleeps, eats, and breathes math, then you may want a few extra tricks up your sleeve to challenge them when they need it. Here are some additional internet resources for you to use with your math genius:

NRICH – The goal of NRICH is to provoke students into mathematical thinking. The focus is on math enrichment activities for kids at the elementary level through high school. They offer games, puzzles, and challenges, and a forum to ask and answer questions.

Project Euler – Combining math with computer programming, Project Euler is intended for students who aren’t being challenged by the “basic” math curriculum.

The Art of Problem Solving – AOPS features online classes for math lovers, but the real resource is the community forum, where active and lively mathematical discussions are the norm.

As a homeschooling parent, your job is to ignite a passion for learning in your students. With some foresight and a little extra planning, your math genius will thrive in a homeschool setting that inspires students to challenge themselves and go the distance.

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