CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams are one of the best ways for homeschool students to get a head start on a college education.

What Homeschoolers Need to Know about CLEP Exams

CLEP allows students to earn college credit without taking a traditional college course when they pass these standardized tests based on existing knowledge in the subject.

CLEP Exam Format

CLEP exams are multiple choice exams and are administered at local testing centers, often at junior colleges.

The Comprehensive List of CLEP Exams with Summaries
Read More: The Comprehensive List of CLEP Exams with Summaries

If a homeschool high school student already has a college in mind, it’s important to be aware if the college will grant your student college credit when taking a CLEP exam as a substitution for taking a course.

Nearly 3,000 colleges in the United States accept CLEP exams. While most schools accept some CLEP credits, some schools will limit the amount of CLEP credits that may be applied to certain degree plans.

CLEP exams cover the subject material extensively, which requires students to show that they truly know the material so they can bypass the need to spend a semester or two in a course where they already know the material.

A couple of CLEP exams also include essays, particularly those involving literature and composition.

Benefits of CLEP Exams

CLEP exams will help your student not only show the knowledge that their homeschool education has given them, but give your teen a fast track to getting through college by skipping many general education courses.

The shorter length of college enrollment time means your teen can get their degree sooner than if they didn’t take the exams and being in college for a shorter time period means you’re saving money in tuition costs and other fees.

The Dual Credit Secret
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CLEP Exam Preparation

Dual Credit at Home offers comprehensive Study Plans that will prepare your teen for nine CLEP exams (along with 4 DSST exams). Your student will also receive high school credit for their exam prep, as our Study Plans may also count for high school credit hours.

U.S. History I and II
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
American Government
Social Sciences & History
College Composition
College Mathematics
Natural Sciences

Dual Credit at Home Study Plan
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Don’t miss out on the advantages that CLEP exams will offer your teen. They allow your student to showcase their knowledge, save money on overall college costs and bypass material that is already ingrained into their mind.

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