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Our Study Plans will guide your student through 13 college-level exams to satisfy both high school and college core requirements. These exams give students the opportunity to earn up to 51 college credits!

Most homeschoolers already know something about dual credit, but it surprises many to learn how much college credit can really be earned during high school.

Our Dual Credit at Home Study Plans are specifically created for teens ages 13 and older. Using these, students can finish their high school requirements AND earn up to 51 college credits! Nearly an Associate degree!

These daily Study Plans guide students in studying for 13 college-level exams. These exams are chosen expressly to meet many college’s general education requirements.

The Study Plans strategically order the tests for the best learning and testing over 49 weeks. Of course students can also tweak this to work at their own unique pace.

Upon enrolling, each student receives a box in the mail straight from us which contains a 3-ring binder, exam calendar, labeled dividers & tabs numbered 1-49, and complete information on books and materials they will need. Included are two books we recommend – Biblical Guidelines for Using the Internet and Life Quest. Life Quest encourages teens to discover the true rewards of living God’s purpose while embracing the challenges of adulthood!

The Study Plans will begin to arrive in your email inbox on the first Monday 21 days after purchasing – giving you time to gather the books you need. The Study Plans are then delivered weekly – one at a time – by email. Having each week’s assignment prepared helps your student feel confident and equipped to pass each exam with flying colors.

Lastly, we are here for our students! We outline helps in the Study Plans including websites and flashcards that will help them research and study for these exams.

We are committed to helping students (and their parents) succeed in navigating high school while getting a head start in college. We love supporting Dual Credit at Home families along the way through email, webinars, and our Facebook group.

Dual Credit at Home Study Plans
Extra Mile Assignments

We include “Extra Mile Assignments” in our weekly emails!

These optional assignments provide opportunities for teens develop the areas of their life that are outside of academics with assignments like . . .

  • Following blogs of their choice
  • Extra-curricular reading
  • Keeping up with current world events
  • Learning and practicing geography skills
  • Essay assignments to build writing confidence

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