As you begin the journey into homeschooling through high school and beyond, you may hear about dual credit and CLEP exams. There is more about dual credit here, and CLEP exams here, but many parents wonder what study resources are available for helping them pass these tests. One of our favorite resources is SpeedyPrep.

How SpeedyPrep Helps Students Pass CLEP Exams

What is SpeedyPrep?

SpeedyPrep is an online subscription service that helps prepare students for CLEP exams. It provides study materials for 24 different CLEP exams using fill-in-the-blank flashcards, videos, and written explanations. Dual Credit at Home uses SpeedyPrep’s study materials as part of our comprehensive dual credit program, helping student earn up to 51 college credits in 13 subjects.

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How Does the SpeedyPrep Subscription Service Work?

SpeedyPrep is a complete subscription service with unlimited access to study courses, which means you can study for more than one CLEP exam at a time. Once you’ve signed up as a subscriber, you will have unlimited access to SpeedyPrep materials, and will be able to study on your computer, tablet, or phone.

You will be able track your learning progress as you work your way through the materials. The Dual Credit at Home program has these flashcards and videos woven into our program to coordinate with a student’s reading assignments, so they are working through the course content in a logical order.

How Much Does SpeedyPrep Cost?

You can enroll in Speedy Prep for a month, quarter, or year. Currently, $215.64 for a year-long subscription is the cheapest option ($17.97 per month), but if you are only studying for one exam, you may want to enroll for only one month at $29.95. A quarterly subscription is currently $71.88 for a three-month period ($23.96 per month).

Does SpeedyPrep Use Books or Other Study Materials?

No. SpeedyPrep prepares students for the CLEP exams using short explanations and videos, as well as fill-in-the-blank flash cards. At Dual Credit at Home, we recommend using SpeedyPrep in conjunction with our detailed Study Plans for the best results.

Does SpeedyPrep Use the Same Questions as the CLEP Exam?

While the SpeedyPrep study materials do not provide the exact questions you will see on your CLEP exam, the flashcards will teach you the facts and concepts of the subject you are studying. You will master many more questions and answers while studying the SpeedyPrep materials than will be offered on your exam.

SpeedyPrep is a great resource to help your homeschooler study and prepare for their upcoming CLEP exam. The progress bar will help students (and parents) know when they are ready to take the test. To get started, visit

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