If quarantine harshed your productivity jam like it did mine, it might be time to get creative. Homeschoolers should know better than anyone else—staying home can have its advantages if properly executed!

I now present fifteen ideas to get you out of the slump and back on your feet, conquering the world . . . or whatever it is you do.

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1. Write a letter to your mom.

No, I’m not talking about an orange post-it that says “thanks” slapped on her mirror. Write a REAL letter. She brought you into this world and has to put up with your coronavirus memes on the daily. It’s the absolute least you can do.

2. Write a letter to your dad.

I’m sure he has also done important things. Say thanks and trace your hand on the back of the paper. That’s the way I was taught.

3. Write a letter to your grandparents.

Honestly, they just want to know what’s up. Start with a paragraph about what you’re doing to pass the time during quarantine, and if it’s really a short work, fill the rest of the page with knock-knock jokes. Easy.

4. Write a letter to your sister or brother (tell them what you appreciate about them!).

Though, if I say orange post-its are still unacceptable, I, myself, am a hypocrite. 

5. Write a letter to your future self.

Describe your thoughts during this quarantine time and tell what you hope to learn from it. Abstain from sharing embarrassing details, as someone may uncover this in the future and use it as the base for a young adult fiction trilogy.

6. Write a bucket list for yourself.

Research the coolest places and experiences you can find. Live vicariously through some pre-corona virus travel blogs.

7. Bake something complex.

Mary Berry would be chuffed. And hey, something freshly baked would go splendidly with your dad’s new hand picture. Win-win.

8. Make some improvements to your house/room.

I’m a professional photographer but I literally only have two little 4×6 prints on my walls. It’s pathetic. If you’ve been wanting to paint your room, build a new bookshelf, fix something or hang some pictures, now’s your time.

9. Try a photography challenge.

Even if you don’t have a “real” camera, use a phone! You will be shocked by what consistent practice will do to improve your eye as a photographer. Even if you don’t become a professional, being able to take good pictures will always be a great skill to have in your back pocket.

10. Learn a skill from YouTube.

I learned some new sourdough techniques. I also clogged around my room like a fool for twenty minutes. If I don’t have a future as a river dancer, at least I’ll have some good bread.

11. Practice a foreign language.

Of course you know the standard methods, but you can also look into finding a language exchange partner online! Lots of people want to practice English, so you can practice your language on them, get feedback from a true native, and make friends even while quarantined!

12. Get some exercise.

Whether that means going for a run, practicing your martial arts, following a workout video online, or clogging around your room like I did, stay active.

13. Plant a garden.

Or, even just like one aloe plant. It doesn’t have to be something huge to be something productive.

14. Study something new.

“Tired of schoolwork? I recently studied the main court cases from the days of Chief Justice Marshall, and it was so interesting.” –Me, a major dork

15. Try some random acts of kindness.

The truth is, this season is hitting some people really hard. People are isolated and lonely. Some people aren’t getting enough food. Some people have lost their jobs and are worried about bills. Having a pizza delivered to somebody’s front porch anonymously might not seem like much to you, but you never know what it means to them. If you know someone hurting, I challenge you to use the knowledge for good and help.

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