Kimberly Snyder

About Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly is a 22-year-old Christian, currently living in Northeastern Oklahoma. She is a homeschool graduate and pursued her Bachelor's degree in English through alternative and online credit sources, earning her degree in about three years of study and for under $8,000 while traveling the world, teaching ESL, and starting up her own photography business. She believes in an education system that works for the needs of the people and doesn't stop them from living their best lives now.
  • 3 Reasons Every Teen Needs a Hobby

3 Reasons Every Teen Needs a Hobby


Hobbies may seem like a trivial issue; you might think a hobby can’t affect that much change in a teen’s life. But in their health, their development of personal interests, and in shaping their future, a hobby could change everything.

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