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Cheri Eiras is a freelance writer and speaker from Dickson, TN. Her husband, Mike, is a pastor and an online professor for Liberty University. They have served in church ministries for over thirty years. Cheri loves to teach God’s Word. She has worked with women, teens and children. She and Mike have two grown sons and recently added a new daughter-in-law.
  • Digital Discipleship

Digital Discipleship


You might be limiting your teen’s access to social media, but one day they will use these platforms on their own. Start now with digital discipleship.

Digital Discipleship2020-05-05T14:34:00-05:00
  • Stop and Inquire!

Stop and Inquire!


These words from Cheri’s article sound so familiar: “I plan. I implement the plan and then I ask the Lord to bless it. How sad!”

Stop and Inquire!2020-01-31T16:14:34-06:00
  • Creating a Culture of Conversation

Creating a Culture of Conversation


Learn what works with each person. Sometimes starting a conversation with a question rather than a statement opens the door. It tells them you want to listen, not just talk.

Creating a Culture of Conversation2020-01-31T16:25:13-06:00
  • Connect with Your Teen

The Connection Challenge


We are all unique. God created us with different personalities, passions, and interests. Though we are all

The Connection Challenge2020-01-31T16:29:57-06:00
  • Setting Your Pace

Setting Your Pace


What does a mason jar, rice, walnuts, and the approaching holiday season have in common? Cheri Eiras gives some practical tips and advice about setting the right priorities.

Setting Your Pace2020-01-31T16:49:02-06:00
  • Don't Buy Fear's Lie

Don’t Buy Fear’s Lie


It never ceases to amaze me the things we do or DON’T do because of fear. On the blog today Cheri talks about the costume that fear wears, and how a shift of focus may make all the difference in the world.

Don’t Buy Fear’s Lie2020-01-31T16:56:24-06:00
  • Not Designed to Fly Solo

Not Designed to Fly Solo


Some of us have a tendency to get into school full blast and forget about a couple important things that will keep us as homeschool parents healthy.

Not Designed to Fly Solo2020-01-31T17:01:39-06:00
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