• Cultivating and Keeping Friendships

Cultivating and Keeping Friendships


Whether it’s caring for a sick neighbor or just sitting down for a quick cup of coffee between errands with a fellow homeschool mom, we need friends.

Cultivating and Keeping Friendships2020-01-31T17:24:12-06:00
  • DIscovering the Gift in Your Teen

Discovering the Gift in Your Teen


We know that our teens have unique strengths but it’s painstakingly hard to wait for those to reveal themselves. So how do we determine what those gifts are so we can shape them into usable tools for life?

Discovering the Gift in Your Teen2020-01-31T17:31:08-06:00
  • Friendships Are Important At Any Age

Friendships Are Important At Any Age


Will your children outgrow wanting to visit with a good friend? No, they won’t. And if we’re being honest, you and I haven’t outgrown that either.

Friendships Are Important At Any Age2020-01-31T17:36:23-06:00
  • When The Dream Job Isn't Their Dream

When The Dream Job Isn’t Their Dream


So many times, the plans and hopes we have for our children aren’t actually part of the career path they choose. So where do our two roads cross?

When The Dream Job Isn’t Their Dream2020-01-31T17:51:50-06:00

Me First!! A Lesson in Sibling Rivalry


A visit to a chicken coop can teach parents lessons about sibling rivalry. Don’t miss Kay’s tips about dealing with sibling disagreements in your home.

Me First!! A Lesson in Sibling Rivalry2020-01-30T13:34:47-06:00
  • Digital Discipleship

Digital Discipleship


You might be limiting your teen’s access to social media, but one day they will use these platforms on their own. Start now with digital discipleship.

Digital Discipleship2020-05-05T14:34:00-05:00
  • Beginner Budgeting for Teens

Beginner Budgeting for Teens


Need some help as you teach your homeschool teen about budgeting? Don’t miss our guide for starting a budget with your teen!

Beginner Budgeting for Teens2020-01-30T13:56:05-06:00
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